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(This contains spoilers to Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. If you don't want to be spoiled, do not read at all until you know about the spoilers!! Thank you!)


In a room where the walls were blue with painted white clouds, a small bed and desk, there stood a young girl, all dressed in grey trousers, dark green shoes and an orange jumper, with her red necklace hanging round her neck. With her short brown hair neatly brushed except for one part sticking up like normal, her cheeks all rosy and shining green eyes, she looked at herself in the mirror, taking deep breaths.

"OK! It's your birthday today Rose... You've finally hit the two digits.... So who's 10th birthday is it!?" and she swiftly moved sideways whilst her arm pointed towards the mirror, pointing at her reflection smiling as she did so.

"It's me! Now... I better go down and see the family. Wish things will stay ok for today!" and Rose opened her door tucking her necklace away from sight until a large "SURPRISE!!!!" made her fall backwards from shock.

"BIG SIS! I'm SOOOO sorry!!! Are you alright!?" and Rose opened her eyes to see her young brother starting to look worried in his brown shoes, white socks, grey knee-length shorts, green top, short ginger hair and watery red eyes.

Rose could only smile as she stood up and placed her hand on top of his head saying "It's ok James! At least I was surprised."

This made James smile in relief as he said "Well that's good. OH! Happy Birthday Rose!! I really want to give you my gift but you got to go downstairs to see the gifts!"

"Ok! I'll come down with you." and Rose began to follow James as they hurried down the stairs and they stopped at the bottom as their noses could smell a sweet scent.

Until Rose gasped and shouted "PANCAKES!!!"

This both got them excited as they both raced into the kitchen and skidded across the slippery floor towards the kitchen table, sitting on their usual seats eager to eat the food.

Rose could then see her younger sister sitting at the table also but getting stuck into a book about science. The two nearly had the same appearance but she had dark brown long hair and a purple top instead of orange. They could of looked like twins but the younger sister was James's twin.

"Hey Yasmina! Feeling ok this morning?" smiled Rose.

"Hm? Yeah. I'm ok. Happy Birthday by the way..." mumbled Yasmina as she still kept reading.

"Thanks little sis!" smiled Rose until she thought 'At least she's saying Happy Birthday to me I guess...'.

It was then that the pancakes were dished out before all of the three and all got excited from the view of the tasty dish, towered above their heads.
Until a young woman went over to them to place the pancakes on all their plates.

The young woman wore brown heel shoes, grey trousers, a light green jacket all undone over her white top while she had long ginger hair and emerald eyes that felt somehow warm. She was known by the name of Danielle Sycamore.
But another title she was known as...
was Mum.

"WOW!! Pancakes!! Thanks Mum!" gleefully shouted James as he began to take his first bite while Yasmina began eating hers in small bites.

"It's not a problem James. And Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Rose. 10 years that I've had you and I never regretted a single minute." and Danielle gave a sweet kiss on Rose's forehead, making Rose blush. Her mother meant everything to Rose as she felt that only she and James understood her.

"Want chocolate sauce with the pancakes dear?" smiled Danielle.

"Yes please Mum. Thank you." smiled Rose.

This Birthday was really going well.

Until Rose began to hear footsteps coming near to the kitchen, making her gasp a little until she saw him come in.

Black and white shoes, black trousers suiting with the suit, red tie, the rich brown hair in a weird style as if it was like bread while she saw his red eyes behind his clear specs. Desmond Sycamore, known to be her father.

"H-Hi Daddy..." spoke Rose, feeling a bit nervous.

Desmond only looked over quickly but straight away went to sort his tie out as he said "Morning Rose."

Danielle had noticed the way Desmond was acting and poured the chocolate sauce over the pancakes as she calmly said "Honey. Remember, it's Rose's 10th Birthday today and it's a very important day for her."

Desmond's eyes were of pure shock one second until he changed to smiling cheerfully saying "Oh dear silly me. I'm sooooo sorry little Rose. I hope you'll enjoy it today but I have to go to work straight away now. But we can celebrate later all together for dinner. How about that?"

"Sure! I'll wait till later Daddy." smiled Rose as she started to eat her pancakes.

"I'm heading off now everyone. I'll see you later."

"I'll say goodbye to you at the door Desmond." and both Danielle and Desmond walked over to the door leaving the children in the kitchen.

"Well Danielle. I'll leave now. So-"

"Why is it that you always act? Why not be happy with Rose?"

Desmond then sighed as he placed various costume parts of a grey and black cape, a white boa, hat and mask into a bag then saying "You know exactly why..."

Danielle only looked down whispering "I know what I did was bad... But a beautiful thing came out from it..."

"Hmph. Ofcoure YOU will say beautiful. Now I must hurry off." and Desmond quickly kissed Danielle on the cheek leaving the house estate.

Danielle only sighed in sadness but quickly pretended that nothing happened as she made her way into the kitchen to see all of her children finishing the last of the pancakes.

"Oh kids! Who wants to see Rose open her gifts??" and all cheered as they went into the living room to watch Rose open her gifts.


Desmond hurried his way into an enormous building with flags showing signs of a Raven logo and another showing a star in front of a shield as he quickly walked past the entrance. Inside the building was packed full of people all in colourful uniforms while some dressed all in blue.

The headquarters was based both on two different groups. The Black Ravens who were at first a rebel group and now a Political group whilst the other group were Scotland Yard, once a police force until The Family and Targent took over. Now, Scotland Yard was slowly getting back to normal thanks to some of the members of The Black Ravens.

Desmond quickly changed within a flash into his costume as he changed into Jean Descole.

"AH! Commander Desmond!" and Desmond turned round to see a young woman run over to him.
She was all dressed in her black shiny shoes, white trousers and blue jacket whilst she had jet black short hair and black framed glasses over her black eyes. She had been a member of The Black Ravens but was now a top leader of Scotland Yard after helping it grow back from the ground.

Her name was Sasha Ellen.

"Ah Sasha. Any news on your upcoming mission?"

"Yes sir. Me and most of the team will be ready to leave to go to the discovered Island known to have been Ambrosia. We also found a young lady by the name of Janice Quatlane who seems to have undergone an experiment with a man called Oswald Whistler. Which was to bring his daughter's soul into Janice after the daughter died."

"And did this work??"

"Well... we have to call Miss Janice now as Miss Melina Whistler."

"... I see. So will she be the answer to the Ambrosia puzzle even as Melina?" asked Desmond as he seemed quite impressed with this mystery.

"Well, we'll just have to see tonight won't we? Oh! Before I go, can you tell Rose Happy Birthday from me, her Auntie Sasha? I know I gave her a diary as an early gift but just to let her know I would never forget."

"... I will do when I get back back home." mumbled Desmond, even though Sasha had found his mumble voice classed as normal for a couple of years.

"Well! See ya tomorrow or so!" and Sasha cheerfully marched away to find a few other members to join with her.

"Even after all these years, that bumbling woman still thinks everything should be all happy. Even if she can handle a blade, she's still annoying with her gleeful side."

Desmond could only smirk as he recognized that voice from anywhere. And his guess was right as he looked at the other man.
Black trousers suiting with a black vest jacket, a white jacket over the vest jacket as red triangle parts were attached on the bottom of the jacket and a locket joined on both sides of the jacket, black hair with a golden hairband keeping his hair in a fashionable ponytail and glasses over his red eyes.

Most of the members from both groups were quite afraid of this man while some of the original members and Desmond spoke to him as if he was a long time friend without any fear... Unless of course if they got him mad, which any comment could do so.
But for now he was sipping his mug of coffee, whilst wanting to have a good old chat with Desmond.

"True point. But if you're her co-worker as a leader of Scotland Yard, shouldn't you be wearing blue instead of white, Mr Albert Bridge?" but the smug comment was stopped as Desmond made a worried look, after seeing the famous Albert death stare as his red eyes narrowed towards Desmond.

"I like what I wear... Don't act so worried though Sycamore. Even when you do wear that mask, I can still smell the fear off you." chuckled Albert.

Desmond could only chuckle back as he said "Well, we seem to act quite alike and with the same temper, there's no wonder I'm a bit worried."

"Heh... by quite alike, do you just mean by temper... or by same life path?"

"... The only thing that links us as the same is of our own daughter's death. You know of my wife being dead also-"

"Mine is divorced yet due to all the crazy Monocle business, I lost any contact with her..." and Albert took a small sip of coffee to calm himself down a bit.

"But with me being young, my parents were kidnapped by Targent... And I decided to give my name to my young brother so then he could have a better life..."

"Hmph. Yet your father is Leon Bronev, leader of Targent. And that life your brother chose made him into the man that killed my daughter. I'm just glad his madness was put to an end. He even nearly destroyed your relationship with your wife, Danielle."

"He may be dead... But I know that he left a horrid mark into our lives for sure..." mumbled Desmond.

Albert didn't like when Desmond spoke in that way knowing what he meant, taking a long sip of his coffee to not try and speak back.

"I may not like it either... But it's done now. It's been over 10 years... You've been given the chance to live a happy family life again and to be a father. Don't waste that moment for anything that could destroy it."

Desmond could only sigh for he knew that Albert was right. Desmond was given the chance to love again and to be a father while Albert still had feelings for his ex wife who he hadn't seen in years.

"You're right... I'm sorry Al-"

"No it's fine. I understand completely... It's only if you make out that your life sucks even with all the nice stuff now, that I would probably want to kill you." and Albert couldn't help but smirk as Desmond felt more uneasy on what his next sentence should be towards Albert.

"I better head off now Desmond. It seems Sasha is picking another fight with Luke, AGAIN." and both of them could see how Sasha was shouting and trying to strangle a young, brunette man in blue while he was shouting out in cockney slang towards her.

"Can I just say who's suppose to be mature around here? It's bad enough that Dimitri has to sort out between those two as if he's their father." mumbled Albert.

"Well as you're Sasha's babysitter tonight at Ambrosia, better tell her off then shouldn't you?" smirked Desmond, liking every moment of this.

"Hmph fine. But don't expect me to help you out when it comes between your discussions with Dimitri."

"Deal! I'll see you maybe tomorrow as I must get to a meeting now. Just care for Sasha now ok!?"

"I will do if she's able to stop trying to kill Luke." and both men took separate paths as Desmond went to his meeting while Albert had to terrorize both Luke and Sasha.


As evening came, Desmond was back in his usual suit warned out after the meeting he had to get involved with.
The news on how Targent had somehow got information based on the Ambrosia mission.
It was bad enough that Desmond had to hear the ugly word of 'Targent' every single day but to know that they were on to their plans was a even more worrying thought.

As Desmond made his way inside his home, he could hear all three of the children playing upstairs, probably playing the usual game 'Pirates' as he could hear them stomping and shouting about 'treasure'.

But his main attention was in the dinning room as he saw Danielle placing atleast seven plates onto the table for her, Desmond, Rose, Yasmina, James and to Desmond's surprise, his two nieces Sarah and Isabelle Layton, who were also helping out with the table.

Desmond couldn't help but smile as he saw the two young ladies, remembering how they've grown so much from 10 years, dealing with so much pain during their whole lives from their mother Claire's death, including when she had to leave a second time, to the long, evil reign of their father.

But the two were cheerful as can be with Sarah wearing sneakers, blue jeans, a brown jacket over her orange jumper and bright blue hair while Isabelle wore brown boots, black and white tights, a red coat jacket held by a belt and a black and white spotty hairband to hold up her brown wavy hair.

They were both happy placing the plates away but Desmond could see within their eyes the pain that they had to go through. Sarah's black eyes and Isabelle's blue eyes may of seem bright and shining but Desmond could sometimes see the emptiness inside of them.
But he couldn't blame them. He knew exactly how they felt and what they had to deal with an evil father.

But all the thoughts was stopped when Desmond could feel arms wrap round him with a blue little head against his chest. She may of been 23 but to him she was still his little flower.

"It's so good to see you again Uncle Desmond!" smile Sarah as she looked up to her uncle's red eyes.

Desmond could only chuckle as he said "It was only yesterday that we saw each other. But it's good to see you too!"

"Hey old man! Have you found the cog that me and Clive need." said Isabelle with a smug look knowing that between her and Clive, only she had the guts to call Desmond an old man.

"The cog will be ready for next week and the name is Uncle." replied Desmond, with Danielle giving a quick peck on the lips as she said "How was your day at work today?"

Desmond sighed and said "Very tiring today. To much boring talk. I'm just happy to be here with you."

Danielle smiled but then heard a ding from the oven in the kitchen as she said "Oh! That's the party food cooked! Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes. Is that ok Desmond?"

"Yeah that's fine." smiled Desmond.

And it was then that Danielle shouted "CHILDREN!!! Dinner will be ready!!!"

The word 'dinner' caught all 3 kids attention and all replied "OK!!!" as both Rose and James hurried off from the floor and trying to hurry to the stairs.

Before Yasmina could even join with them, she saw a bright, red object fall from Rose as both Rose and James disappeared downstairs.
Yasmina came to pick up the object to notice that it was a red gemstone necklace.

"That's weird..." thought Yasmina.

"Why would Rose have a expensive, beautiful necklace?" and it was then that Yasmina only had one idea in her mind and decided to just hold on to it abit longer as she followed the others aswell.

Yasmina felt as if she needed to tell someone about the necklace as she saw everyone in the dinning room. She had many possibilities on who to tell.

She knew not to speak to James as she would normally get told off by him for ratting people out.
She could of told Sarah, Isabelle or even her mother but she saw how close Rose was to them as she saw Rose hugging both Sarah and Isabelle, with Danielle smiling in glee.

Yasmina had always somehow felt jealous towards her older sister without knowing why at all. She even felt as if her own mother had liked Rose more than her.

So Yasmina decided to walk over to her own father Desmond, feeling he cared more about her than Rose, knowing that all the times she had gone to him, it always lead to him shouting at Rose.
But she didn't cared at all. For she wanted to urgently tell him something.

"Daddy... Can I have a word?" whispered Yasmina all innocent like.

"Why ofcourse my dear. Is there something on your mind?" smiled Desmond.

"Well... I-I think Rose stole something."

Desmond could only sigh as he said "Yasmina. Whatever she's 'stolen' maybe a birthday gift for her, making it not stealing."

"But it's not one of her presents. It's very expensive. I have it on me right now."

"But then wouldn't that mean you're stealing? Hmm??"

"But have a look!" but as she showed the shiny, pretty red object, Desmond's red eyes grew in anger and disbelief as he took the necklace off of Yasmina and stood up, making everyone silent and confused.
Danielle was even confused until she saw what was in his hand and her eyes shrunk in fear, feeling dread around her whole body.

"D-Dad? A-Are you ok??" worried Rose as she looked at his still body until he finally spoke, but in a dark, horrid way.

"Are you trying to torment me child!?"

"Desmond!!" shouted Danielle, wanting him to stop now while he could, but both Sarah and Isabelle tried to get the twins upstairs, with James terrified and even Yasmina scared.

"W-What do you mean Dad-"

"Don't lie! Where did you find this blasted necklace!?" questioned Desmond as he walked to Rose, showing the necklace to her and Rose gasped, grasping her chest from where the necklace use to be.

"I-It's mine... Since I was a-" but Rose was stopped mid-sentence as Desmond grabbed her arm, making her yelp in pain.

"HOW DID YOU GET IT!!??" shouted Desmond in a mindless rage setting out of control.

"OWWW!! PLEASE DAD!! IT HURTS!" cried Rose.

"GET OFF HER!!!" shouted Danielle as she pushed him off and quickly said "Rose. It's time to go to bed... Now." and Rose quickly did so and met Sarah and Isabelle half way down the stairs.

But by the time they went pass, Rose was no longer the attention and stayed at the top of the stairs, to listen in to the conversation whilst she rubbed the arm that Desmond grabbed.

"What is your problem Desmond!?" shouted Danielle.

"What's my problem!? WHAT'S MY PROBLEM!? That ugly necklace is still in this goddam house! How did she obtain it in the first place!?"

But Danielle could only look down as she quietly said "... I did."

"Wait... WHAT!!??" shouted Desmond in shock and anger.

"Guys! If you're going to argue like this all night, atleast let us take the kids to mine and Clive's house."

"Please... for their sake..." said a teary Sarah.

Danielle gasped and then nodded saying "Yes please... Thank you." and Rose overheard this and quietly snuck downstairs in the next room without being seen as Sarah and Isabelle went upstairs.
Rose knew that they would go to Yasmina's and Jame's room first as packing night clothes would take them a good 30 minutes due to James never knowing which teddy to take.

"So all that time... Since she was born... You kept that bloody necklace!?"

"Desmond... I could of never gave it in to give to Dimitri... It was given to me-"

"From the man you had a one night stand with! It just makes me sick that you would keep it and give it to Rose of all people! You really did love him all that time didn't you!!?"

"That was over 10 years ago Desmond! I thought you had forgiven me! But it seems that I was wrong... I do love you Desmond!"

"So why give the necklace to Rose!? You make it like an heirloom!"

"Because I hated to have that heavy weight upon me! He died because of me and I've never forgiven myself still. So I thought Rose could have it as she... s-she-"

"Because she was never mine..." and that made Danielle gasp in shock of the reply.

"She can still be yours... She looks up to you... even when you shout and make her cry. She loves you being her Dad..."

There was a long pause until Desmond looked up in disgust as he said "That thing you call your daughter will never be mine. I'm not her real father. End of!" but both the adults stopped as they could hear small little cries by the stairs, seeing Rose cry her eyes out.

Desmond's expression didn't change at all but only Danielle started to cry saying "Rose... I-" but Rose quickly ran upstairs and into her room, locking the door.

Danielle fell to her knees letting silent tears drop as she struggled to get in her mind that Rose now knew Desmond was of no connection to her.

Desmond could only sigh as he calmly said "Well she had to know that I'm not her biological father..."

But Danielle could only stand back up in anger as she slapped Desmond round the face shouting "NOT ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! She didn't need to know!!!!!"

"Well she does now. Deal with it."

"... If Hershel was alive right now, he would kill you for how you've treated her all of her life!"

"Well... It's too bad he's dead."

During more arguments and Sarah and Isabelle knocking at Rose's door, Rose cuddled herself in bed, crying her eyes as of what she had heard. She now didn't know who her real father was, making her confused and whether she was really loved or not.

Thinking how her life was not meant to be with all the hate, she knew that even on her birthday, she could never be happy. Never again.


The next cold morning, the events from last night were still not forgotten as Danielle was at her desk in The Black Ravens Headquarters, just looking at the stillness of her cold tea which she had stared within the hour.

It wasn't long until Desmond went passed and sighed as he saw his wife just sitting there and he finally said "You still mad at me?"

Danielle scoffed at the question and looked up at him replying "Oh I'm not mad... I'm furious! I won't be surprised if Rose wants to stay another night at Izzy's..."

"Now Danielle-"

"No Desmond! I don't want to talk with you at all today... You've crushed her heart on her birthday... Would you have shouted also at Yasmina or James if they were in her shoes? ... Even Jenny??"

"Don't you dare mention about Jenny... She's dead now because of Bronev... You'll never understand that pain unless if any of the children died."

"... Then protect all of them, even Rose... Just like you would have for your daughter Jenny."

"DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!" was all that Danielle had heard as she was knocked down by a crying Sasha, with Desmond just confused on what had just happened.

"S-Sasha!!? W-What's wrong!!?" struggled Danielle as she tried to get Sasha off.

Sasha had then got up still crying dramatically as she cried out "I NEARLY DIED!!!!!!"

"Oh my... and how did you nearly die then?" sarcastically asked Desmond as Danielle got back up.

"Well... we got to Ambrosia and... and... Targent were there after we solved the final puzzle to the mission... There was fighting and I was like ninja style kicking some arse and then-"

"Sasha. Stay with the story. Not the action stuff." said Danielle.

"Oh right. Well... I had a gun to my head..." and both Desmond and Danielle gasped as she said that, not knowing that she did actually nearly get killed, unlike the time she said she stopped a house fire which was only someone lighting a match for the kettle.

"OH GOD!!!" Danielle said shocked from it all.

"I would of been dead if he clicked the trigger but... he decided to let me live... I couldn't believe that a Targent soldier let me live as I'm a high leader in the group I was in... But I will never forget his blue eyes... seeming to feel as if e hated the job he was doing..." blushed Sasha as she remembered the soldier's face.

"When you get asked to join Targent, you don't have a choice. If you say no, they'll destroy all the people you love and take you by force... He was probably one of those who doesn't agree with Targent at all..." replied Desmond with full seriousness, knowing all about it.

"Wow... I had no idea." whispered Sasha.

It wasn't long until Albert came over looking down, gripping his fists in anger as he mumbled "That lucky bastard... All that time..."

"Albert! Is everything ok?" asked Danielle.

"What? So Sasha didn't tell you?" and Sasha then realised what he meant and looked down in shame and disgust.

Before Danielle or Desmond could even ask, they could see in the hallways nearly every member rushing down to the main meeting room and so Danielle and Desmond rushed also within the crowd.

The two were lead in the dark room with the crowd surrounding the attraction that caught their attention but all shouting in negative ways such as using the words "Monster" and "Kill".
"Everyone calm down!! I know that you must be angry but we must keep the situation calmly!!" shouted Dimitri in his white coat and matching hat, black top, grey trousers and his grey long hair partly over his right side showing only his left, baggy blue eye.

Desmond pushed the crowd out of his way until he got to the centre and struggled to breathe as to what he saw.
Danielle made her also but as she got there, she gasped in disbelief and started to shed tears.

The two saw before them a man chained to the floor whilst kneeling down,looking down in shame as he accepted all of the hate from the crowd.
All he wore was ragged trousers, a dirty pale orange jumper, a golden heart locket, messy brown hair and an unshaven face.

"All of these years... and he was alive..." growled Desmond, not believing what was happening.

Danielle was lost in trance, just staring at the man until he looked back at her, with tired black eyes which began to tear up as he stared back to her emerald eyes.

"H-Hershel??" cried Danielle.

The broken, weak man in front of them was Hershel Layton. A man who was thought to have died 10 years ago.
OMG!!!!!!!! Nearly 7 months since the last story 'An Alternate Betrayal' and here is the Third and final story for the Alternate Series!!! :D

I will say that this whole story is based on the 6th game so I have warned you now!! If you don't want spoilers yet, don't read!!

So Dani and Desmond are now married with 3 kids but Rose is very different.
I hope you all do like Rose... and I feel real bad for her now after what she's just discovered :'(
But wait until the whole adventure starts!! X3

AND DUH DUH DUH!!! LAYTON IS BACK!! *gasps!* what will ever happen next!? Tune in next time!

Sarah belongs to :iconsarah-layton:
Isabelle belongs to :iconcutedoodles:
Sasha belongs to :iconmegakorn7:
Albert belongs to :iconjackspicerchase:

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